सोमवार, 23 फ़रवरी 2009

Jai Ho Rahman Ki

Main Rahman ka bahut bada fan hoon. Aaj se nahin, Roza ke time se. Unke sangeet main north Indian jaisa kuchch bhi nahin hai. Per jis tarah se unhone hindi film main pichale dedh dashak mein compose kiya hai wo marvelous hai. To name few Dil se, Hindustaani, Yuva, Sathia, Bombay, Swadesh, 1947, Zubaida, Lagaan etc. etc. For me Rahman became the safest bet to buy any cassette/cd. Even I dared to buy his private albums as well. India itself contains people from different walks of life, from slums to highly elite group. If a single person is catering musical requirements of the country, he is not a national composer. He is global and that's what Slumdog Millionaire has proved. Appearing for the first time at international scenario and grabbing the most prestigious oscar award is just a recognition of a versatile talent. To me Rahamans earlier scores stand taller than Slumdog.... But habituallly we always look for outsiders to appriciate our talents. Many indian have already given him award better that Oscars, if number counts. With Gulzaar and Sukhvinder Indian talent has got it's due at global level. Gulzaar is the person who introduced litrary touch to commercial films and songs, and proved that quality has market as well. My appriciation to these great souls is beyond words.

Lafzon main kahana 'gar aasan hota,
To har koi shayar hota,
Dil ka haal samajhne waalon,
Mai bhi mahfil main shamil hota.


- Vaanbhatt

ऑर्गन डोनेशन

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